Smart city creates sustainable development and high quality of life by using key areas ex: economy, mobility, environment, people, living, and government. A Smart City is basic infrastructure to give a decent quality of life and clean environment to live smarter.
Smarter City uses digital technology, information and communication technologies for better quality and performance this engage more effectively and actively with its citizen.

The Smart City includes government services, transport, traffic management, energy, health care, water and waste.The smarter city applications are major goal of improving the management and transforming the urban areas. The major technological, economic and environmental changes have generated interest in smart cities.

Smart Cities, a greatest opportunity to improve quality of life for residents today and in the future. Growth in global population continues to drive citizens from rural areas to cities. With rapid expansion of urban areas, cities need to become intelligent to handle this large scale urbanization. This drives city operators to look at smarter ways to manage complexities, increase efficiencies and improve quality of life. Today, we need cities that monitor and integrate infrastructure to better optimize resources while maximizing services to its citizens.


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