Energy Saving Tips

Household Purposes:

  • Switch off lights and all electrical appliances when not in use.

  • Use task lighting- in only the area required.

  • Do not open the refrigerator door frequently.

  • Do not put hot food straightaway into the fridge.

  • Do not do dry grinding in food processors as it takes a longer time than liquid grinding.

  • Do not open the door of micorwave ovens to keep checking if the food has been completely cooked.

Industrial Purposes:

  • Make sure your compressed air system runs only when the plant is in use. Use smaller air compressors dedicated to serve minimal after-hours needs.

  • Use blowers or hand sweeping for cleaning purposes.

  • Eliminate heat losses from leaks and improper defrosting.

  • Pre-heat the Oil. For proper combustion, oil should be at right viscosity at the burner tip. Provide heat capacity.

  • Undertake regular energy audits.

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